Japanese States of America (Max)

Japan’s culture is very strong and independent. These qualities as well as the behaviors that are encouraged in Japan allow them to be strong competitors in business internationally and have a strong influence in other cultures. All over the U.S. many Japanese culture based events happen such as anime conventions.

Japanese car companies have shaped the look of the modern United States citizen and how they go about their lives. Over 35,000 U.S citizens are taking college classes in Japanese, which shows that Japan has a huge role in the lives of U.S. citizens. I often recall people I know saying things in Japanese and many Japanese references in songs that people listened to in the 80s. I watched a Rush documentary too at one point and they were wearing kimonos in the 80s.

It is often commented that the type of media we watch controls our outlook. Following this we can also say that the amount of Japanese culture that the U.S. consumes creates a small Japanese outlook in our daily lives which is a very strong influence.




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